Digital Imaging Technician (DIT)

The role of a DIT is an ever expanding but critically important role in today's digital shoots. A DIT ensures all data is accurately transferred from camera to multiple hard drives using a checksum, logs and updates important metadata (scene, shot, take, circle, etc), and provides transcodes and dailies for producer and director review. In addition, they work closely with the D.P. to develop the on-set look of the project, which will then inform the color decisions in post. Mostly commonly this includes creating and applying LUTs to field monitors and dailies, helping determine proper exposure, and addressing any color issues that may arise. 


Dylan provides the following services as a DIT

  • Workflow development for the entire post-production process
  • Camera setup and operation for all major commercial cameras
  • Offloading of footage to multiple sources with a quick turn around
  • On-set look development (LUT's and One-lights for dailies)
  • Transcoding for editorial
  • Daily creation for producer review (including support for iPad/Android tablets)
  • Signal monitoring for exposure/color issues
  • Monitor/Screen calibration
  • General technical assistance 


Mobile field Kit includes

  • 15" Macbook Pro - Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 speeds
  • Additional monitor
  • Battery backup to ensure transfers continue in the event of a power failure
  • RAID storage for fast offloading and review
  • Various card readers and cables as necessary
  • Rugged cart appropriate for studio or field